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 Retailer Education 

The following topics are examples of training offered by your sales representative:

Continuing Beverage Education and Concept Selling

Concise modules that provide education and insight on:

  • Effective merchandising
  • Cocktail pairings
  • Menu marriages
  • Why pour premium?
  • Organic and kosher wines
  • Saké
  • Half-glass wine at lunch

Wait Staff Training

A one-hour presentation that provides servers education and insight on:

  • Why sell wine?
  • What is wine and how is it made?
  • What’s up with all that swirling and sniffing?
  • How to read a wine label
  • How to make more money suggesting wine to your guests
  • How not to embarrass yourself opening and serving wine
  • How to match wine to food like an expert
  • Useful wine terms and information about your wine program

Bartender Training

A one-hour presentation that provides bartenders education and insight on:

  • Spirit basics
  • What makes a good bartender?
  • Bar set-up and maintenance
  • Suggestive selling
  • Mixology